Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

First to the Fake News in Cairns and the Northern Beaches

  • Man loves Dog
    By Destiny Givens. Fashion photographer and leather aficionado, Roger Taleeb (above), has appeared on the popular WIN Television reality show The Dog House and was excited to meet and fall in love with his dream pooch. The Dog House is the top-rating rescue-animal show inContinue reading “Man loves Dog”
  • Artists target Elite Performer
    By Destiny Givens. The iconic Coastwatchers bus-stop seat outside the Red Cross on Trinity Beach Road, which for many years has featured Real-Estate Agent, Mark Carmady (the Elite Performer), has again been the target of graffiti artists. Overnight, the picture of Mr Carmady affixed toContinue reading “Artists target Elite Performer”
  • Goodrem prevails in The Hague
    By Allan Povah The full bench of the International Criminal Court (ICCt) in The Hague, has handed down a decision in the case Goodrem vs World Health Organization (WHO) over trademark violation, and damages associated with lost income, anguish and heartbreak. Over a gruelling two-weekContinue reading “Goodrem prevails in The Hague”