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  • Goodrem prevails in The Hague
    By Allan Povah The full bench of the International Criminal Court (ICCt) in The Hague, has handed down a decision in the case Goodrem vs World Health Organization (WHO) over trademark violation, and damages associated with lost income, anguish and heartbreak. Over a gruelling two-weekContinue reading “Goodrem prevails in The Hague”
  • Payten rescues missing boys
    By Kimberley Schloss It is the end of another shithouse season at the Cowboys, with the team falling to 15th position after a series of defeats that piled embarrassment on top of incompetence. And with the team falling short of most of the targeted KPIs,Continue reading “Payten rescues missing boys”
  • Delta to sue WHO
    By Shirley Higgins-Croft Delta Goodrem, iconoclastic songstress and displaced team-leader on ‘The Voice’, has filed suit in the International Criminal Court (ICCt) over trademark violations. Ms Goodrem was putting the finishing touches on her latest album ‘Variant’, when she heard the announcement from WHO’s Covid-19Continue reading “Delta to sue WHO”