‘Two-Bob’ calls for Stefanovic to adjudicate limerick contest, rules out Royal Commission

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Cairns Regional Council Divison 2 representative and part-time poet, John ‘Two-Bob’ Schilling (pictured above), has weighed into the recent controversy associated with the recent Trinity Beach Plain Dealer’s limerick competition. Entrants were required to fit the words ‘Mexico’ and ‘avocado’ within the strict limerick format.

Councillor Schilling has declared that he could see what winner Mitchell Murchison was “trying to achieve” and agreed that the limerick submitted by Redlynch man Keith Gundersen was “breathtaking in its ambition”. Schilling went on to say that the limerick that he submitted himself was superior to both. He also dismissed rumours that the competition had been rigged.

“Look, I know Murray Murchison well. We often meet at the Red Hat for a steak and a few jars. The good thing about Muz is that everything is always off the record. He’s not going to award the competition to his son without due process. He’s not that fucking stupid,” said Schilling. “I don’t know Mr Gunderson, but calling the boy’s work ‘crap’ is pretty inflammatory. I’m actually planning to attend the Edge Hill Poetic Society’s next meeting to tell him that and swap a few verses.”

Councillor Schilling ruled out a Royal Commission into the conduct of the competition, but said that “perhaps the process needs to be a bit more transparent. I’d be in favour of a public vote, or bringing in a recognized literary authority to judge the thing.  Any one of the Stefanovic boys would be ideal.”

The entry penned by Councillor Schilling is reproduced below:

 Sweet senora selling avocados for business,
 Whose ass I could stare at till Christmas,
 Just turned and said “Gringo,”
 "I’m not Mexico-o."
 "So kindly stop watching my isthmus." 

Published by murraymurchison

Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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