Feathery friends find inner peace

By Destiny Givens

Premier yoghini at the Clifton Yoga and Oneness Centre,  Sajaan Saroop Jenkins (pictured above), has described a special moment during this morning’s Satyananda class. at Palm Cove.

“We were just setting up for some downward-dogs,” Sajaan Saroop explained, “when someone at the back let rip a massive fart. This isn’t uncommon, but it caused me to look up and what did I see? Some native birds had fluttered in and were joining in on the class.”

It was reported that two large cassowaries and a white swan had appeared on the esplanade and had started mimicking the group as they progressed through their variations. “We really don’t know what the fuss is all about, ” chuckled Sajaan Saroop. “Yoga is the manifestation of the flow of energy through the universe. We quite often see dogs, cats, curlews, even back-packers, join in on our outdoor classes.”

The incident is one of a spate of recent cassowary sightings in the region. Conservation and anti-dog groups have cited this as evidence of the effectiveness of tough pet control measures introduced last year.

Sajaan Saroop was dismissive of the suggestion that the interlopers may have been pranksters who stole costumes from the Rondo theatre earlier in the week. “No, that doesn’t make sense,” she said. “Their Half-Heron was simply resonant. Besides, our classes are free for wild-life but people always give us a gold coin donation.” The three birds were last seen riding-black on the 110 Sunbus heading towards the city.

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