Murchison returns from Mexico: chimichangas were disappointing

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

The Plain Dealer’s Editor in Chief, Murray Murchison has returned from assignment in North America and has talked about his disappointment with being unable to provide regular reports from Mexico.

“The problem is that I’m with Vodaphone,” said Murchison from quarantine in Parramatta Park. “I only seem to be able to get coverage when I’m in one of their shops.”

Murchison went on to describe how he was unable to interview drug kingpin El Chapo (‘short-arse’). “The bastard got himself deported to the US,” Murchison reported. “And Homeland Security wouldn’t let me in because I carry joint NQ and Australian citizenship.”

The highly anticipated series of reports on Mexican food that Murchison had planned to file were also scrapped. “The food was pretty shit actually, ” he said. “The cheese is all out of a bottle and the chimichangas are made out of armadillo tails. Not to my taste. And you can’t get a Yellow Tail Sangria at any of the Dan Murphy’s there. Not one.”

Mr Murchison will retake the helm at the Plain Dealer when he returns to work on Wednesday. His son, Mitchell, has student-free days today and tomorrow. As regards the ongoing limerick controversy, Murchison said he would conduct a thorough review on his return. “We may need to exercise the nuclear option and rerun the whole fucking thing,” he said.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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