Punchup at Sorbo marathon

By Destiny Givens

There were ugly scenes yesterday at the Cultural Centre, when members of the Smithfield Atheist and Sceptic Association (SASA) clashed with other cinema goers.

That morning, about thirty people had enjoyed the first session of a Kevin Sorbo marathon, which had been arranged by the Trinity Park Cinephiles group.

Members of the SASA arrived at the interval to watch the second session which commenced with the film ‘Confessions of a Prodigal Son.’ According to film buff Liz Tillerton, the trouble started as soon as the lights had dimmed. “A bunch of people in the back started yelling out and behaving quite disrespectfully,” she said. “There was some scuffling and the film projector was knocked over. It was a bit disappointing because Kevin plays a really good priest and is still a good looking young man.”

Ms Tillerton, who was knocked over during the incident is photographed above in a recreation of the incident commissioned by the Plain Dealer.

President of the SASA, Jonas Humberstone was unapologetic about the ruckus. “We had clear advice from John Cuff that they would get the faith-friendly shit over with before lunch and then we sazzers could come along enjoy some classic Sorbo and Lawless action,” he said. “We didn’t pay five bucks each to see Sorbo praying to any god but Zeus.”

The Plain Dealer attempted to contact the president of the Cinephiles, John Cuff, but did not receive a response. Police are yet to lay any charges. Kevin Sorbo was unavailable for comment.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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