Cairns Airport closes due cassowary sightings

Dr Polding assesses the cassowary threat

By Paolo Zupp

There has been a recent spate of cassowary sightings in the Cairns and Tablelands areas over the last fortnight. On Far North Queensland day, Police responded to a report from North Cairns resident Polly Maynard, 45, that she had seen a white swan and a cassowary fornicating outside the Tobruk Pool.

“I’d just come outside after doing a water-aerobics session and the two birds were humping, birdie-style, right in front of me,” Ms Maynard reported. “They seemed to be having a wow of a time.”

On attendance, the Cairns Police briefly established an airspace closure while they unsuccessfully tried to locate the birds. Three airport departures were delayed.

Then yesterday, Speewah helicopter pilot Russell Unger reported to Air Traffic Control that several large birds were congregating around some termite mounds near the Koah Roadhouse.

“ATC were initially concerned about birdstrikes,” said Captain Unger. “Until I explained that they were flightless and just fucking around on the ground. Then ATC lost interest and downgraded the alert.”

Dr Helen Polding (above), Adjunct Professor of Climatology, Ornithology and Revelation at the William Bligh University has commented that the events are clear signs of climate change. “This kind of cross-species copulation and radical relocation does not happen except under extreme duress,” she said. “The only precedent is the Old Testament.” Police continue to investigate.

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