WBU to connect crocodiles to the internet

By Paolo Zupp

Academics at the William Bligh University Cow Bay campus have announced the first Internet of Things (IoT) degree course which will be offered from July this year.

The IoT technology is a burgeoning area of Computer Science and IT and promises to connect everyday objects, such as cars and coffee mugs, to the world-wide-web. Online machine learning algorithms will use the acquired data to model human behavior so as to provide a range of lifestyle and health benefits.

WBU has a strong tradition the commercialisation of research and it is anticipated that the new program will be a boon for FNQ industry.

One of the first products to come to market will be the Internet Connected Refrigerator, known as the icFrig, which has been developed in conjunction with LG and HipMoi. “The device has calorie counting, face-recognition, Facebook and automatic ordering as standard,” explained Adjunct Professor Susan Klaus (above). “It also has a lockout function and shame-tweeting to discourage the fatties, and will provide counseling where required. We’re very excited to have Gordon Ramsay do the vocals for us.”

Professor Klaus confirmed that the university’s controversial croco-droid would also be WiFi enabled. “That’s already up and running,” she said. “We need to be able to talk to Christopher when we’re doing our field trials. It helps us track him down when he goes rogue in mating season particularly.”

The croco-droid project has received some criticism from local who fear that safety measures have been inadequate. Klaus scoffed at these suggestions. “I have utmost faith in our Reptile Security Division,” she said. “Their protocols are pinpoint.”

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