Mexican millinery for the munchkins

By Heather Luck

The second week of school has begun in Cairns, and the sombrero amnesty period is over, with the head-wear compulsorily required from today for primary school students.

Denzel Matterson (above), year-two student at Mother of Good Counsel, loves his new look. “I think I look really cool,” said Denzel. “It is a bit crowded but when we all walk down to the Tobruk pool on swimming day. We’re always bumping hats. And some of the grade-threers like to rip em off and frisbee em so you gotta make sure your neck toggle is nice and tight.”

Theresa Duffy, a year-three teacher at Edge Hill State School was very positive about the introduction of the headgear. “It’s obviously sun-safe,” she said. “And it’s such a thrill to see all the little tackers lined up outside the classroom, chatting away. Some of them have fake moustaches. So cute!”

The introduction of the new uniform requirements has met with some grumbling though. Veteran year-four teacher at Trinity Beach State School, Roberta Egger, was less enthusiastic. “I’m really struggling with all of these rapid changes,” she said. “It’s hard to keep up with all the curriculum amendments, let alone the hats. I’m struggling a bit with all the Spanish, but at least we’re all learning a lot about Mexico. My day is all about conquistadors these days. And haikus.”

The FNQ Education Department is further planning to implement sweeping changes to High School curricula and uniform requirements. Teachers are planning a stop-work meeting next week in protest.

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