Hijabi wins chocolate sculpting competition

By Heather Luck

The fourth annual Mareeba Chocolate Sculpture competition was staged this weekend, attracting visitors from all over the world to the picturesque tableland township

The competition winner, ‘Little Sister and Big Bull’ (pictured above in the Centrelink car-park on Byrnes Street) was praised by the judges for its breathtaking scope and attention to detail.

“The bull was really terrifying,” said ‘Big’ Tom Gilmore, chief judge and mayor of Mareeba. “Until it started to melt and the kids snapped off his horns.”

Winning sculptress, Amira Malik (pictured below in her studio), prided herself on being “the only hijabi at the Malanda TAFE” when she studied her Cert IV in Chocolate last year. On acceptance of the award, she thanked her parents, the prophet Muhammad, her mentor Sharon, and “those Yungaburra bitches” for giving her “the determination to succeed in the face of their ‘extreme chockophobia'”.

Ms Malik explained to the Plain Dealer the exacting process involved in creating her work. “Well, the girl element was pretty easy,” Amira explained. “I just downloaded some ‘Little Sisters’ dot-3DS-MAX files from the Bioshock servers, packed my little 3D printer up with Cadbury Top Deck, and pressed go. I had to frig around with some of the polygons in her pony-tail but it pretty much came out like a dream.”

Amira went on to say that sculpting the bull was much more difficult. “I spent hours in paddocks making sketches,” she said. “But when I came to actually construct Imran, I had a lot of trouble with his butt and tail. And the testicles. They just wouldn’t stay on.”

Amira explained that she had to adopt some creative techniques not previously used.

“I tried Picnics first for the arse and tail,” she recalled. “I just had a little hunch they might work well around the rear-end area. But the texture just wasn’t right. In the end I melted down a bunch of Manu Magnums, titrated the choc, mixed it up with stale Violet Crumbles and it turned out perfect for the tail construction. If anything it might be a bit too proud. The testes are just massive end-of-batch Clinkers that were rejected on the production line at Cadbury. I’ve got a contact there. I just had to flatten them a bit.”

Second prize in the competition was awarded to housewife and mother, Jemma Phipps of Mount Garnet, for her sculpture ‘Tea Anyone?…Not Likely!’ (pictured below). There were no other entries.

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