James Cook returns to FNQ, and this time he’s fabulous

By Heather Luck

You might not believe your eyes, but don’t be surprised if you happen to see Captain James Cook flouncing around the streets of Cairns over the next few months. And he’s not Nazi-saluting the Tradies Bar!

Healthcare worker and fashion blogger, Jamie Tingley, 28, of Brinsmead (above), has announced that he intends to dress as the venerable explorer every day for as long as he likes. Mr Tingley aims to raise awareness of the declining stature of the arts culture in North Queensland and to promote his one-man musical extravaganza, Tribulation, which opens in April at the Rondo.

Tingley, who is a graduate of the Manoora Institute of Dramatic Art and a registered phlebotomist, has spent the last five years developing the songs and script for Tribulation.  He spoke to the Plain Dealer today and was enthusiastic about the production.

“Think of it as Hamilton herding Cats,” explained Tingley. “There’s some big political ballads, some piety and some kibble. And lots of hello sailor, yo-ho-ho. The costumes are gorgeous. Thanks to a half-lifetime spent in musical theatre, and an absolute passion for G and S, I’ve got access to some fabulous options. I’ve got the Full Dress, the Frock Coat, the Battledress – with and without sword – and a Blue Number One. The musical writes itself.”

Tribulation opens at the Rondo on 21 April. Tickets are available at the venue or at the Red Cross on Grafton Street.


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