Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour

By Kimberley Schloss

The one-man musical, Tribulation, has closed after a single part-performance at the Rondo Theatre last night. The much anticipated production which was written, directed and performed by healthcare-worker and fashion blogger Jamie Tingley of Brinsmead, aimed to tell the true story of closet homosexual, tap-dancer and purveyor of cos-play, Captain James Cook.

After a relatively well received opening song and dance routine, the second and third acts were continuously interrupted by cat-calling and whistling from the audience of seven theatre-goers, many of whom alleged that they were offended by the production.

Mr Tingley did not return to stage for the fourth of a programmed twenty-seven acts and was last seen running along Greenslopes Street wearing a Number-Five Dress Uniform, ruff and matching tiara.

This morning’s Cairns Post review of the abortive performance has described Mr Tingley as a “tone-deaf, tuneless buffoon a lack of endeavour and a light-pink view of history” and suggested that he “make his way as soon as possible to meet some Hawaiians who could deal with him in an historically accurate way”.

A spokesperson for the Rondo theatre has advised that the production will be moved to Plymouth harbour and venue would be closed for four days whilst the papier-mâché models of Cape Horne and Botany Bay were dismantled. After that time, pre-purchased tickets to Tribulation would be redeemable for candy-bar credit. Counselling would be made available for any patron who is feeling any adverse effects from attending the show.

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