Keith rocks the Railway

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Logan city superstar, Keith Urban, rocked the Railway Hotel last night on his Don’t Look So Surprised world tour in front of a crowd of eighty-one fans.

The evening began with two support acts that were received warmly by the crowd. Kuranda artist, Dayne Guzman Caine, performed cuts from his Grammy nominated album Crocdiles en el Cañón del Sumidero. Then, tribute band The Levignes, with whom Urban has collaborated in his post-doctoral work at William Bligh University, played a series of girlfriend pop numbers that got the crowd pumping.

Unfortunately, Levignes lead-guitarist, Eugene O’Donnell was a last-minute no-show due to GAS regression issues when he accidentally overheard Urban warming up back-stage. He was replaced by lead yeller for the TayTays, Tyson Short (below).

Tyson Short: lead yeller of the TayTays

Then, finally, Kurban took the stage amid a blaze of laser lights and teasing glimpses of tattoo. He moved effortlessly between country, rock, and country-rock genres and slayed the crowd with his mind-blowing guitar noodling.

In pre-show promotional interviews, Keith had promised he would play “all the hits and nothing but the hits” and that is exactly what he delivered. His two-song set was sprinkled with four key-changes, each of which had the crowd gasping for more.

This morning, Keith was spotted at Caffiend on Grafton Street, enjoying a vanilla latte with WBU researcher Dr Kellyanne Brody. When asked for a quick comment about his experiences in North Queensland, Keith was enthusiastic. “I love this place,” he said. “I can come to Cairns and grab a coffee and sit with a gorgeous social researcher and get treated like any other bloke. Which I’m not. Obviously. I’m a fabulously wealthy multi-Grammy award winning musical virtuoso, irresistible to women and hung like a carpet python. I command the ear of kings and the lips of queens. Chicks want to be me and blokes want to fuck me. Life’s great up here.”

When asked about whether his actress wife might visit on his next tour, Keith was noncommittal. “Nicky’s shooting a film in Mexico right now and after that she has some reconstruction surgery scheduled. We’re talking about coming up for the uke festival but the deal hasn’t been done yet. That fucker Ben Lee has been undercutting me.

Urban plays Tolga tonight before moving to southern venues later in the week. Full tour details can be found on

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