Electric-blue lemurs arrive at Hartley’s Creek

By Heather Luck

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park has some exciting new residents. A prowl of jaguars has been shipped from Mexico as part of the CrocJag wildlife exchange, and a jolt of electric ants has just arrived up the highway from Smithfield.

Most exciting of all, the park has acquired a mating pair of blue-eyed black lemurs (above) which is proving quite an attraction for park-goers.

“We’re over the moon,” exclaimed park CEO Kane Hartley. “The internet is an amazing marketplace. They’re a wonderful acquisition for us and we’re hoping to pick up some other exotics from the same vendor.”

Hartley went on to explain that there had been a few teething problems with introducing the lemurs into the park. “We knew that Binkle and Flip probably wouldn’t get on too well with the croc faction here,” explained Hartley. “Very cliquey. So we put them in with the roos and wallabies, and that didn’t work out too well. Best guess is that there may have been some tail-envy issues. Well, the little fellas were allegedly vilified and now appear to be slightly terrified of everything. They’ve disappeared into the ant enclosure, so its a real needle-haystack type deal. Anyway, they’re bound to turn up at lunchtime. We’re force-feeding the jaguars just in case.”

From next week at 8pm daily, Binkle and Flip will appear alongside koalas, armadillos and meerkats as part of the park’s new production, Ballet of Survival: Battle of the Super-Endangered. Director and choreographer, Rodney K Wright of the Cairns Dance Ensemble, has described the show as “threatening but arabesque.”

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