Shier awarded Congressional Medal of Honor

By Murray Murchison

North Queensland Prime Minister, Val Shier, has flown to Washington for a state visit with US President Donald Trump

Ms Shier has taken time out from filming ‘Soy Lindo Pero Mi Mierda Es Apestoso‘ in Mexico City, in which her body and personality is being used for 4D imprinting of the main character, Prudenciana el Chihuahua.

A source in NQ Foreign Affairs has confided that the department was rather keen to involve Shier, rather than acting PM Peter Beattie, in developing a relationship with the new US President.  

There are increasing concerns that Mr Beattie’s personal hygiene, and increasing over-hilarity when meeting foreign leaders, would cause tension in an already prickly relationship between the two countries. In addition, Ms Shier’s political philosophy is completely aligned with that of Mr Trump, particularly in the areas of Muslim inhibition, swamp-draining and Russophilia.

The Plain Dealer contacted director Guillermo Del Toro, who spoke from Ciudad del cine de México and assured the Plain Dealer that Shier’s absence would not affect the production schedule of the much-anticipated film.

“It’s a pretty good time for her to be away, “explained Del Toro. “Pequeño will miss her, but she will appreciate having the spa and bed-pan to herself. It’ll also give the support guys the chance to scrub the grey fluff out of the soft lens and other machinery.”

During the lavish ceremony in Washington, Mr Trump praised PM Shier for her steadfast opposition to Islamism and leaks. In a moving moment, Ms Shier curtseyed to Trump as she was presented with the Congressional Medal of Freedom (above). In her acceptance speech, she reiterated her wholehearted support for Trump’s agenda to eliminate sectarian hatred in the middle-east and beyond.

True to her word, as part of that ambitious project, Prime Minister Shier will now embark on a quintup-faith tour, commencing in Rome, with subsequent visits to Riyadh, Jerusalem, Dharamsala and Amritsar. She will then return to Mexico City for post-production of the challenging brothel scenes in Soy Lindo. Shier is expected to return to the BrickHouse to resume her duties as PM in early July.

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