Quaffers queue for quenching Quetza

By Paolo Zupp

The first shipment of the Quetza range of Beers and Ales has arrived at Dan Murphy’s Smithfield, and lovers of the amber liquid are lining up outside to get their first taste.

Herbert Wang (above), of Baja Roca Blanca, was one of the first to pick up a carton of the launch product, Quetzacoatl Bitter, which is brewed under Mexican Technical Supervision.

“Love the Quetza – fucking good drop,” opined Mr Wang. “Goes down really well with a chimichanga. Can’t taste the corn at all, though I reckon there’s a hint of yeast and cumin on the finish.”

The brew is the result of a decade long research project in creating beer from corn, as had been the practice of the Aztecs. Scientists from the faculties of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Beer at William Bligh University were instrumental in overcoming the considerable technical challenges of creating the brew.

And it is North Queensland’s own brewing company that has adopted the technology and brought the beer to market.

“It’s a great time for us to launch the product,” explained Innovation Manager of Northern Brewers, Penny Dosset. “We want to make sure all our processes are in place before demand pushes in after Ramadan. We’ll be able to contain any end-to-end bottling and poisoning issues before we’re exposed to a wider demographic.”

Ms Dosset, who is a Master Brewer, explained her role as being a referee between the Yeast and Corn subdivisions of the production team. “They’re all passionate professionals and want to put their creative juices into this project. My job is to mix them together and make something that isn’t too yeasty and just corny enough.”

The first batch of one million cartons of Quetza will be emblazoned with the Mexican eagle on a cactus, a crocodile, and selected verses of the Qu’ran. These are sure to become collector’s items and are available at liquor outlets at the introductory price of $114.99. Ole!

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