Muxes of Mareeba announce dating workshops

By Heather Luck

Tablelands Community group, the Muxes of Mareeba (MoM), have announced a series of dating workshops for men, aimed to help lonely and isolated men attain the skills that will enable them snare their perfect love match.

The Muxes, who are a popular part of the vibrant Mexican community on the Tablelands, are a group of gay and bisexual men who live and dress as women. This is a traditional lifestyle choice in many parts of their homeland, and is a practice that has translated well to the North Queensland environment.

“We fit in well up here. Many guys never guess that we’re male,” explained Alejandro Hernandez (pictured above in blue). “As long as you’re packing a decent merkin and pretend to know nothing about football, even the perrito sexo is manageable. And the married ones never go the growl, so no adjustment is required there.”

The Muxes are planning multimedia training sessions across the Tablelands and are looking for “straight, slim and slightly standoffish” men to participate.

There has been some pushback from conservative Christian advocates in the region. Reverend Toby Kliminock of the Altherton Friendship Church has suggested that the Muxes are “seducing attractive, strong Tableland men away from the open arms of the faith into the devilish pleasures of sodomy, soccer and buggery.”

The Muxes, who have had a long history of battles with theocracy and intolerance have made their position clear, of being completely against any unseemly lubricity.

“We don’t seek and don’t expect any conversions,” laughed Diego ‘Dirty’ Sanchez, President of the MoM. “Though it is a lovely, delightful, special surprise when it happens. So special. So surprising. We’re really about helping the guys with their skills in hygiene, deportment, fashion, sexting, peacocking and how to treat a lady in a non-judgemental, non-icky way. Ever since HipMoi left the region there’s a lot of lonely guys up here who have no one to turn to. It’s so sad and so preventable.”

The first MoM workshop will be held at the Yungaburra Town Hall on Satuday evening. Dress is smart casual and activities will include line-dancing and practical dirty-talk. Sikhs and Jihadis are very welcome.

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