Fashion Week trends: bespoke, hijabis and cabbies!

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

The 2017 North Queensland Fashion Week has launched with a glittering ceremony at Edge Hill Bowls Club, hosted by Karl Stefanovic, and with music by Steven Tin Tin Duffy.

The opening night showcase collection, FlamBOIance by Hipster Moi (above) received a warm response from the audience, which contained a who’s-who of North Queensland fashion icons, including Christine Anu, Jake Grenville and Sir Geoff Huegill.

With the departure of the HipMoi corporation from Far North Queensland, the FlamBOIance collection is only available from Myer at Cairns Central and selected Lowes stores. Reportedly, sales have not been affected, with the new season’s fresh designs driving an incipient coolness into the ambient tropical reservedness.

“We’re targeting a supra-v-neck right-part post-Bieber sulkiness…” explained HipMoi couturier, K Levy Kingsley, “…on top of a sub-crewneck pre-Bieber quirky alt-gay pinstripe b-ball photo-negative heartbreak motif. Totally bespoke. Totally. Basically, we’re taking you back to the eighties, but with a shorter attention span.”

Sir Geoff Huegill, who looked trim and smoking-hot dressed in a classic tuxedo by Lagerfeld, was impressed by the new styles. “I’ve had a word with KLK about a bespoke butterfly crewneck,” he said. “Perfect for a PB in croquet on the embassy lawn. Or a relaxing cocktail party evening with sexy world leaders.”

Sir Geoff did not wish to comment on reports that he is under consideration for the vacant ambassadorship in Mexico City. “Cosas secretas Shirley, no puede decir nada. Adios,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

The festival continues on Friday evening with a sold-out  showing of the EmpressNuCloze line, to be modelled by the VicSecretBodyDubl agency. It will be standing room only at the Tanks for this much-anticipated flight of fantasy.  Fashion Week will then culminate on Sunday night at the Smithfield Cultural Centre, with the traditional “Hijabis and Cabbies” extravaganza. Tickets for the finale, which will feature cutting-edge designs in headwear from Armani, Glamritsar Couture, RM Williams, Teatowel by Abdullah, and CheezBurqa Designs

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