Mystery surrounds the First Dog’s condition

By Heather Luck

Reports have emerged that First Dog, Ringo, may be suffering some kind of undisclosed health issue 

The popular bow-wow has not been available for public appearances over the last two months. He has missed such high profile events as the Charters Towers Japanese Opera month and the Ravenshoe Jumps Racing carnival, at which he was previously a huge drawcard.

Government spokespersons have been tight-mouthed about the plucky canine’s condition. The photograph above was leaked to the Plain Dealer from a high-ranking BrickHouse official, and appears to show the brave pooch may have a heart condition or mange. The unnamed official alleges that Ringo was subject to a “thorough examination by a team of veterinarians” and that “ring-fingers were not spared.”

Rumours abound that Ringo has not coped well with the recent arrival of Jorge, the First Jaguar. There have been reported tensions between the two animals and some snarling has occurred.

BrickHouse press secretary, Seamus Pepper, declined to elaborate on the pooch’s condition, and refused to confirm or deny that Jorge was subject to disciplinary action over some minor mauling.

Ringo’s ongoing absence from official events is causing a strain in some quarters, with Greg Dowling having to take time out from his Treasury role to judge the Miss Doggie Cardwell Pageant, which was handsomely won by Samantha Debbie Dogsworth (below).

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