Tate Award goes to the Wolf-knee

By Destiny Givens

Reports have emerged from Cowboys House of a lavish gala function that followed the team’s win against the deplorable Warriors on Saturday night.

The exclusive soiree, held in the main ballroom of the CowHouse, was to present the annual Tate Award, for the best player afield in the North-Queensland v Auckland match.

Sources have divulged that, following a few words from three-time Tate winner, Matthew Bowen, the award was presented to back-rower Ethan Lowe.

Lowe looked as pleased by the outcome as he was by the wonderful try he had scored earlier in the evening.

It has also been reported that the gala evening concluded with the popular Tate Debate, which features Brent Tate debating an invited guest on a topical issue. This year’s opponent was cricket Jordan Silk, who debated for the proposal ‘That cricket is fake sport.’

The Cowboys organisation have commissioned a commemorative mug for the occasion (above) that has been struck by Royal Redlynch China from a design by Jake Granville (pictured above).

Although cameras were not allowed into the venue, the Plain Dealer has obtained an artist’s impression of the debate (below), drawn by debate moderator, Samantha Armytage.

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