August 2017 Classifieds

Looking For Love Passionate gay lefty woman looking for huffy, easily-offended like-minded woman for cause identification, handle-flying, do-gooding, placard painting and rally attending. No DiFranco fans. @shayblue. Wanted Wanted: Blackboard Artist for northern beaches eatery. No innuendo. $30 a pop and a slice of Portofino. @lunicos Published Yungaburra impersonator/writer/proctologist looking for middle-aged men to talkContinue reading “August 2017 Classifieds”

Heartbreak and divorce a stones-throw away for pigeon-fancier wives

By Allan Povah The BBC has reported that addiction to pigeon racing is causing widespread marital problems and a plummeting birthrate on the island of Java in Indonesia. According to the BBC coverage, Javanese men are becoming obsessed with their feathery charges, to the almost complete exclusion of their financial and marital obligations. Dr VishwaContinue reading “Heartbreak and divorce a stones-throw away for pigeon-fancier wives”

Freshwater Swingers spreading free love

By Kimberley Schloss Free-love advocacy group, the Freshwater Swingers, held their annual general meeting at the Red Beret Hotel in Redlynch on Saturday night, with over eight members in attendance. The executive team (above) have raised the profile of the group considerably over the last twelve months, implementing a scholarship and internship program for nursingContinue reading “Freshwater Swingers spreading free love”

MayGregor at the TB Tavern

By Paolo Zupp Fight fans and ice-addicts alike descended on the Trinity Beach tavern today to see the cross-promotional brawl between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The TB Tavern is the spiritual home for purveyors of the pugilistic arts in North Queensland, and the bout did not disappoint. Some 5000 locals turned out to fillContinue reading “MayGregor at the TB Tavern”

An afternoon with Ethan Lowe

Part of the Conversations Series, with Shirley Higgins-Croft Ethan Lowe is the much-loved and often under-rated Cowboys back-rower with a heart of gold and a skin full of tatts. He kindly allowed me to spend a couple of hours with him at Cowboys House and the results were surprising, and quite revealing. SHC: Ethan, thanksContinue reading “An afternoon with Ethan Lowe”

Locals flock to Guam to watch the show

By Heather Luck North Queenslanders are escaping the bitter Cairns winter in droves to visit the tiny nation of Guam, the US territory in Micronesia. The Guam/Cairns route was a money-spinner in the 1990 and 2000s, with Air Micronesia, a subsidiary of Continental Airlines, flying twice-daily services. Following the GFC and the attendant weakness inContinue reading “Locals flock to Guam to watch the show”

Lucid Dreamers: The future is sparkly!

By Kimberley Schloss The Koah Lucid Dreamers (KLD) have taken the rare step of announcing the findings from their annual think tank and dream conference, held last night at the Koah Roadhouse on the Savannah Way. The practice of lucid dreaming is normally a personal experience that can result in lost items being found andContinue reading “Lucid Dreamers: The future is sparkly!”

‘Song Doctor’ tells all about the Taylor/Katy feud

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Eric Murray, self-proclaimed song-doctor and legend of the music industry, has finally weighed in on the long running Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud. Mr Murray had delivered his keynote address at the annual Tully Songwriters’ Festival, and was taking questions from the audience, when he was asked what his biggest regret was. TheContinue reading “‘Song Doctor’ tells all about the Taylor/Katy feud”

Shier: Widodo looks like a goat

By Allan Povah, on assignment in Jakarta Indonesian President Joko Widodo appeared today at a pencak silat martial arts tournament in east Jakarta. In front of a roaring crowd that at times made the president’s accented English difficult to hear, Widodo made some bold proclamations. “Many people have called me acrobatic, but do I haveContinue reading “Shier: Widodo looks like a goat”

Police puzzled by pooped pigeons

By Allan Povah Wildlife carers and pigeon fanciers in the capital have become increasingly concerned about the number of pigeons that have recently been found either dead or nearly-dead from apparent over-exertion. So far there have been thirteen affected birds found in the greater Townsville area, and autopsy reports, whilst unable to determine a specificContinue reading “Police puzzled by pooped pigeons”