Palm Cove babes to return hotter than ever

By Kimberley Schloss

Popular Viceland television series, Real Estate Agents of Palm Cove is returning to our screens for a third season. Fan favourites, Abbergail, Addison and Brilee (above) will once again give viewers a salacious insight into their antics as they try to upstage, undermine and humiliate one another in the madcap high-pressure world of Northern Beaches realty.

“This season is all about effortless style, class and a glimpse of cleavage”, explained Addison. “Exactly how far will the girls will go to land the big sale? This far? That far? I don’t want to give too much away but there are amazing scenes in a butler’s pantry at Sea Temple you won’t want to miss. So hot! Girl on girl, sister! Fuck you, Whitney Westerweel!”

Having just signed on for a fourth season to be filmed later in the year, the three besties are already planning what for what they are calling the Real Yummy Mummies of Palm Cove.

“It’s pretty exciting,” enthused Harcourts’ top earner, Brilee. “We’re planning to concurrently conceive fraternal half-triplets with a hot footballer type in the off-season. We’re in talks with Coen Hess’s people. The logistics are being worked, vis-a-vis the bed-hopping and refractory period. We’ve been training hard but are all in heavy taper now and loving it!”

Brilee conceded that the final lineup had not been confirmed, and that show-runners, Alby Mangels and Alex Papps were working on the angles.

“There’s been talk we might bring a Sikh into the impregnation scenes. They are so freaking hot right now. So hot!”

Real Estate Agents of Palm Cove airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays on SBS Viceland.

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