An afternoon with Ethan Lowe

Part of the Conversations Series, with Shirley Higgins-Croft

Ethan Lowe is the much-loved and often under-rated Cowboys back-rower with a heart of gold and a skin full of tatts. He kindly allowed me to spend a couple of hours with him at Cowboys House and the results were surprising, and quite revealing.

SHC: Ethan, thanks so much for allowing me access to your home and for meeting with me today.

EL: No problem.

SHC: So, what’s it like to live in an amazing establishment like the CowHouse, with it’s incredible facilities? The fabulous decor, the artwork, gardens, the rotating restaurant, the Filipino ladies. It must be like a dream.

EL: Yep.

SHC: Is it true that there is a particle collider and an escape room?

EL: Dunno. Prob’ly.

SHC: Tell me about how the players’ wives and girlfriends feel about the, shall we say, collegiality of the living arrangements. It must be hard living together in such proximity. Does it cause problems?

EL: Nup.

SHC: Did you get the bond sorted out?

EL: Yep.

SHC: I understand you have a popular premium dog foodstuff business as a side-hustle. Tell me about it?

EL: Just schmackos. With spices.

SHC: Earlier in the year, you were arrested by Townsville police in a case of mistaken identity. Do you have any comment about that?

EL: Nup.

SHC: The Cowboys have been really decimated with injury. How are the boys bearing up?

EL: Good. Morgo’s fucked but.

SHC: I’ve heard you’re a pigeon fancier? Is that right?

EL: Yep.

SHC: I notice here in your office that there is a couple of favourite little feathery friends in residence. What are their names?

EL: P1 and P2.

SHC: And why do they have backpacks on? What are those little white pills in them?

Ethan proudly shows off P2’s backpack

EL: Medicine for my mum. She can’t remember to take it so I fly it down to her place for her.

SHC: Wow, they are plucky little birds. Have you ever lost one?

EL: Only when I blow them up when they try to defect.

SHC (laughing): Oh. you’re so funny, Ethan. Anyway, you are probably the most nicknamed player in Rugby League. Of all the crazy things you’ve been called what’s your favourite nickname?

EL: Dunno.

SHC: Why is there a wolf on your knee?

EL: Dunno. He lives there.

SHC: Does he have a name?

EL: W1.

SHC (laughing): Well, thanks Ethan for being such a sport and putting up with all my questions. Good luck in the rest of the season and Go Cowboys!

EL: Yep.

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