Innisfail? Innis-fun – Innis-free!

By Heather Luck

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council has announced the theme of its 2017 Spring Festival. The campaign will be named “Innisfail? Innis-fun, Innis-free!” and will focus on the myriad entertainment options available in the Innisfail area.

Divison 5 Councillor, Jeff Baines, was contacted by the Plain Dealer to find out more information about the event.

“Our previous initiatives, which have been mostly centred around Rugby League, cyclones and pianos haven’t really attracted the tourism dollars we’ve hoped for,” explained Cr Baines. “So we’ve got in some marketing experts, and they’ve identified our chill culture, our access to pharmaceuticals and our retro architecture as the point of difference.”

Baines went on to describe some of the features of this years festival. “We’ll be bussing in backpackers from all over the state, plying them with drugs and running a series of fresh and fun nudish activities. It’ll be like spring break meets Ibiza, but with an art-deco vibe.”

Locals who are interested in volunteering to ‘host a hottie’ or who may have some skills in Twister-B are encouraged to contact the Council for a hospitality program and antibiotics pack.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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