Farmer wins Ravenshoe Photo Contest

By Paolo Zupp

Tablelands farmer and part-time shutterbug, Neville Swain, has won the annual Hungry Jacks’ Ravenshoe Photography Contest for the second time. His entry, entitled “Goldilocks” (above) presented an impressively emotive study of cassowary shit, captured on his property near Speewah.

Contest commissar, Colonel Aidan Snowden, was effusive with his praise for the winner’s work. “This triptych redefines and re-imagines all cassowary shit triptych art that has preceded it,” declared Colonel Snowden. “The way that the eye is drawn to the centre offspring scat whilst retaining the quiddity of the surrounding mama-papa droppings is peerless. A worthy winner.”

On accepting the award and $122,000 prize, Mr Swain remarked on his good fortune in locating the elusive spoor. “I was in a bit of a bad mood because I missed Home and Away the night before due to a power outage. I got early up the next morning and went out with my shotgun to see if I could shoot up some shit. That always makes me feel better.”

“Anyway, I stumbled across a family of Cassowaries. Unfortunately, I missed badly to the right, but they all shat themselves before they pissed off into the canopy. Took the photos and when I got home I found out that John agreed to let Marilyn try hypnotherapy on him and Kat put her job at the station first. Good girl. Turned out to be a great day.”

Second prize in the prestigious competition was awarded to Callam Grainger of Brinsmead for his piece entitled “Study of labrador grogan in the leashed section of Trinity Beach #27.”

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