Cairns puts on World Championship Sausage Sizzle

By Kimberley Schloss

At the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships at Smithfield this weekend, North Queensland has put in a gold medal performance in the Sausage Sizzle division (above), providing sausage (and onion) in bread, supplied by Sausage King at Trinity Beach, for a record-breaking A$2.50 (US$2.20).

This betters the previous mark set in 2016 at Val di Sole, Italy, of E3.20 (around US$2.80).

Event attendees were thrilled with the outcome. “There’s lots of reasons to come to the M-bikes,” enthused Tyrone Barclay, 23, of Aeroglen. “The dust, the choppers, the Swiss, the bellringers. And the chicks are fit-as and don’t mind a bit of downhill danger. Fuck me, it’s such a bonus to be able to pick up a sozzer for $2.50.”

Nino Scherter, yesterday won the elite men’s cross country, topping off a perfect season for the Swiss maestro.

The event moves to Switzerland next year, but the NQ record is likely to hold. “Very different conditions over there,” explained Stanley Briggs of Bunnings Warehouse. “They’re sausages are of the thick wurst-stylings and they simply can’t compete with the slick pricing we can produce here in Cairns.”

The UCI championships concludes with the men’s downhill followed by a Twister-B session at the Woolshed.

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