Bus chaos at Trinity Beach

By Murray Murchison

There was mayhem at Trinity Beach yesterday as poor scheduling combined with the start of the school holidays led to an unprecedented three vehicles in the bus depot slipway (pictured above).

The trouble began when a Down-Under Tours coach was sandwiched by the two contra-direction Triple-One services, and was exacerbated by the usual confusion among tourists as to where they were and where they should be going.

No one was hurt in the chaos, but according to local resident Vince Hammond, things could have been much worse.

“The fucking Billy-Tea Tours buggy was out of there about thirty seconds earlier,” Mr Hammond recalled. “He normally takes ages in there because of the wrinklies that are his bread and butter. If Billy-Tea had been in the chute then the Kewarra 111 would have had it’s arse way out in Moore Street. Carnage.”

Cairns Regional Council Divison 2 representative and part-time pool-shark, John ‘Two-Bob’ Schilling, shrugged off the concerns. “Isn’t it fucking great to see all those big beautiful busses bringing tourism back to TB,” he said. “What a service. Every Thursday I go for a dip, pre-load at the TB Tavern, grab some travellers from LiquorLand, then catch a 111 and a 122 to the Red Beret for some schooners and culture in the public bar.”

Schilling joins his fellow councillors on a cultural exchange to Allianz studium this weekend and, subject to mad Monday commitments, will return to chambers on Wednesday or Friday next week.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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