“No” campaigner apologises for fallacies

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Prominent marriage equality “no” campaigner, Joshua Cooke, 29, of City View (above) has withdrawn comments he made on the CrocFM morning show this week about the marriage equality debate.

During an hilarious call-in, Mr Cooke allegedly traded quips with the morning crew, Dazza and Hinki, over the topic of marriage equality. Mr Cooke was asserting that “it’s OK to vote No” and provided Dazza and Hinki with a set of seemingly well reasoned arguments for that position.

Subsequently, notorious sceptic and basketball-critic, Jonas Humberstone of the Smithfield Atheist and Sceptic Association, posted a short rebuttal for Mr Cooke’s assertions on Twitter. The tweet went viral, attracting up to six likes and over a dozen re-tweets.

Once he was made aware of the Humberstone tweet, Mr Cooke was quick to explain that any fallacious arguments were just oversights on his behalf.

“Whoopsie – I have badly tripped over the slippery slope and the post hoc fallacies, haven’t I?” Mr Cooke conceded in a phone interview with the Plain Dealer. “That’s the second time this week. And I built a silly little straw-man with that talk about safe-schools and dress uniforms. And free speech. My bad. I’ll be calling Dazza and Hinki in the morning to set them straight, so to speak.”

Mr Cooke went onto say that he was deeply regretful for his inadvertent use of these logical fallacies, but that it was still OK to vote ‘no’.

Dazza and Hinkie were on Black Thunder duty and unavailable to comment.

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