Weather conference held at the Radisson

By Allan Povah

The 2017 conference for the Asian Confederation of Weatherpersons (ACW) was held this past weekend at the Radisson Hotel. The biennial conference is always well subscribed, and weatherpersons from as far afield as Bunbury and Jakarta were in attendance for this year’s conference.

In the technical sessions, international compliance standards were discussed and promulgated, with a suite of new recommended practices introduced. Some of these were long overdue.

Sir John Schluter, who chaired the panel on Phraseology and CGIW was pleased that progress was made to address the challenges of climate change.

“CC presents us with a real issue with coming up with new and sexier terms and keeping the public focused on the graphics,” he said. “Consumers are used to seeing sexy info-animations on their devices and it’s a continual challenge for us to give them something that will raise their umbrellas.”

Sir John was said to be very pleased with some of the new terminology that weatherpersons will have access to in the new financial year, including “atmospheric river”, “derecho”, “pissing down” and “shitstorm”.

“It’s a great relief that the ACW have finally approved some new terms. We’ve been flogging El Nino for far too long.” Sir John said. “I don’t know what the fuck it means any more.

The cultural program will culminate tomorrow in the blooper reel and then the traditional forecasters-versus-talent cricket match, to be held at Barlow park.

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