Sorbo blockbuster hits screens

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Kevin Sorbo’s new cinematic blockbuster, Let there be light, has hit Far North Queensland servers, and is causing quite a stir among the faithful, and the faithful-friendly.

Whilst the film is unlikely to be shown by the Event Cinemas monopoly in the region, Sorbo fans have pooled resources to ensure no one misses out.

The Cairns Christian Coalition (CCC), has teamed up with an unlikely bedfellow – illegal download advocacy collective, the Smithfield Streamers – to be able to show high quality reproductions of the movie at CCC events for a nominal entry fee of $57 plus GST.

When asked about the moral implications of watching an illegal download of the film, Secretary of the CCC, Mrs Michelle Mulgrave, believes that she is on firm spiritual footing.

“I’m a massive Bryan Brown fan, but I take my moral guidance from role-models like Sean Hannity and Pat Robertson,” explained Mrs Mulgrave. “And if those fine men think a bit of pederasty and pussy grabbing doesn’t get in the way of serving God’s work, then some minor locker-room downloading is quite OK. Praise be the fruit.”

Eden Franks from the Smithfield Streamers was unable to comment, citing “Jedi Westworld AES pressures”.

Let there be light is showing at 7pm nightly at the Smithfield Cultural Centre. Bookings are essential.

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