Class reunion a blast!

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Graduates of the 2012 class of the WBU Masters in Air Hostess Administration returned to Cairns this weekend for their 5 year reunion. The gala evening, held at the Reef Casino, was hosted by Samantha Armytage, with entertainment provided by Big Pig and Alex Papps.

Class president, Yan Zhangli (Air China – pictured above), was pleased with the turnout, with all but two of the eighty graduates attending the event.

“只有两个日本航空母犬消失,” she told the Plain Dealer in the press conference following the event. “好消息。妓女可能会尝试他妈的亚历克斯帕普斯。”

Class valedictorians, and twin winners of the coveted Jacques award for best beverage service and economics, Liang ZheZhe and Zhe LiLiang (Hainan Airways – below) told the assembled press corps about their love for Far North Queensland. “我们他妈的爱凯恩斯”, they declared. “需求方经济学完全病态。”

During their time together in the far north, under the intense pressure of the world’s most demanding aviation hospitality program, some unlikely friendships were forged.

Graduates Hu Bao (above left – Xiamen Air) and Kim JiHee (above right – Korean Air) were sorority sisters at WBU, and their friendship now stretches across the Yellow Sea, but not as far as Japan.

“바오는 조금 냄새가 난다면 좋은 알입니다.” explained JiHee. “그녀는 내 남자 친구를 훔치는 사람이 아닙니다. 나는 일본인 창녀 2 명이 싫다.”

Following a rousing version of Khe Sanh by Alex Papps, a farewell address was given by Homecoming Queen, Bussaba Bunyasam (below – Thai Airways).

The evening was marred somewhat by when a fire alarm was triggered and there was some confusion as to who was responsible for managing the evacuation and checking that the exits were free of obstacles.

Once the alarm was silenced, the group repaired to Covergirls for a night of reminiscing and tabletop kick-dancing. They now look forward to their ten year reunion to be held in 2022 in Yemen.

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