Tate scotches rumours over shooting

By Destiny Givens


Brent Tate has reacted to rumours that he was shot by Ben Hampton using an AR-15 during a game of Fox and Hounds at a Cowboys training session last week.

During a press conference in the Rose Garden of the CowHouse, Tate (above) was clearly clearly amused by the allegations and, apart from a lightly bandaged fetlock, showed no ill-effects from the incident.

“It’s true that Greeny had me and the boys pushing the envelope as far as team bonding goes,” Tate said. “But there were no semi-automatic firearms involved. “I’ve come out of the experience a far better coach and an even prouder North Queenslander, if that’s even possible. I want to put this controversy behind me and work on getting my sideline commentary totally pinpoint.”

Over the weekend, the Cowboys bounced back to form with a rousing win over the over-rated Panthers. Team management have decided to remain in Bathurst until the next match on Thursday in Sydney.

According to Tate, this decision presented some challenges to the support staff.

“It’s a bit like herding a bunch of cats shovelling steam”, he explained. “We’ve fitted the boys with state-of-the-art FlexMonterrey ankle monitors and implemented a buddy system. Where possible we’ve tried to match the boys up to maximise what we call the ‘nutjob gradient’. That’s where Manly went wrong in Gladstone. Too many nutjobs in one place. No gradient. Chaos.”

Tate has maintained that the minor premiership is still in the offing for the Cowboys “provided results go our way.”

BetTolga have the Cowboys at a tempting 1001 to 1000 to win the minor premiership which will return an impressive $1001 on a $1000 bet*.

*Including stake. Gamble responsibly.

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