Boomtime for North Queensland

The North Queensland government is croc-a-hoop with new figures that show economic growth is faster than Australia and all of the G7 nations.

The annualised and seasonally adjusted GDP growth figures to January 2018 for North Queensland are 3.99%, well above Australia (2.3%) and the US (1.9%).

“Sales of crocodile skins have been brisk and we’re showing a tidy little trade surplus on the CrocJag initiative,” said a beaming Prime Minister Val Shier at a BrickHouse press conference today. “On the macro and the micro level we are riding high and really sticking it to those Mexicans.”

The strong economic figures have been boosted by record tourism numbers attributed to a worldwide interest in the splendour of coral bleaching. In a hugely successful initiative, Peach Airlines have painted their Airbus aircraft flying the Busan to Mareeba sector a glorious shade of coral bleach. Reportedly, load factors have never been higher.

“The RamBanana Federation have reported bumper crops again this year,” said Shier. “And the government has been working with William Bligh University on dispelling some of this nonsense about sugar. So cane sales are up and prices keep rising.”

Ms Shier will be departing tomorrow as part of a trade mission to Yemen. Greg Dowling will be acting PM with Jess Mauboy taking on the Treasury role.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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