Can Skippy be the peacemaker?

By Allan Povah

Rumours are rife in Washington, Pyongyang and Townsville that special envoy, Sir Skippy Huegill, may be involved in brokering the meeting between US President Donald J Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Huegill, who speaks moderately accurate Korean, had developed a relationship with Kim whilst serving as North Queensland Ambassador. He regularly played scratch basketball with Kim and Kim’s former sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, at the Embassy courts in Pyongyang.

Sir Skippy was controversially removed from that office by PM Shier and redeployed to Mexico, where he has been highly regarded in both diplomatic and crop circles.

Whilst in Ciudad de Mexico, Huegill has developed a rapport with US President Trump and has reportedly been sought for advice on a wide range of policy positions, such as immigration reform, wall architecture and dieting.

Huegill is known to have paid at least three visits to the Winter White House in Mar-a-Lago, and is understood to have improved his golf game in order to have ready access to the President.

Several sources have revealed that Trump has used their golf-time to ask Huegill to back-channel on his behalf with the North Korean dictator. It is a role that Huegill would relish, given his close relationship with the urbane and fun-loving Korean dictator.

It is not known what strategy Huegill will adopt to bring together the two strong-willed leaders, and where it will occur. A source within the highest levels of the US government has told the Plain Dealer that the meeting is likely to occur at a neutral venue that serves burgers, kimchi and has a heated swimming pool.

The Goong Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Aplin Street in Cairns was contacted but declined to comment,

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