Grey Lagoon treasures go under the hammer

By Paolo Zupp

Yesterday, at the Smithfield Cultural Centre, the accoutrements from the production of Grey Lagoon were put to auction.

With Mark Carmady brandishing the hammer on behalf of Quaid Auctioneers, the bidding was slow to warm up. Several items, including Alby Mangel’s Daewoo Leganza and the prosthetic crocodile failed to reach reserve.

Things started to warm up when the big ticket items came up, with Mel’s stash fetching $800,000 Fijian dollars, and Justin Bieber’s hairbrush going for a cool two million.

General Manager of Judy Blues Eyes Productions, Colin Mangels, was sanguine about the outcome. “Look, we’re pretty happy overall. Thank Christ we’ve got rid of the fucking jaguar pen. What a fucking nightmare,” he said. “But, there were some things we would have really liked to have seen the end of. Judy’s merkin for instance. It’s been following me around for years. We’ll probably stick it on GumTree and see who salutes.”

Grey Lagoon co-star and associate producer, Mel Gibson, (above) was seen exiting the venue at a clip. It is not known if he purchased his own stash.

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