May 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Proficient railroad tycoon with great hygiene looking for partner in theme park design or civilisation building. Maybe more. Would consider cross-platform interfacing. @gas_sufferer Wanted Wanted: Croc strangling implement like on YouTube. Slip knot must be able to handle 3 metre salty. Will pay for lessons. @crocfiend For Sale Yamaha Guitar for sale.Continue reading “May 2018 Classifieds”

Blayden top charts with controversial track

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Popular Mareeba HipHop duo, Blayden, have topped the Spotify download charts with their tribute to John Mayer and Liverpool FC. The song, JayMay JayMay JayMay, samples the Anfield Choir in full voice and features some freestyle rapping from DJ Durridge (aka Daniel Sturridge). Band members Brayden Ross (left above), and Blaide BrentContinue reading “Blayden top charts with controversial track”

Sheriff wrangles gator: Robbins not impressed

By Allan Povah Footage has emerged of a Florida sheriff (above) wrangling an alligator after it was found in a residential garage. The three-legged gator, measuring about four feet in length, was captured by the Sarasota lawman using some kind of customised reptile strangling implement. Chief Crocodile Consultant for the Northern Beaches, Red Robbins, wasContinue reading “Sheriff wrangles gator: Robbins not impressed”