Blayden top charts with controversial track

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Popular Mareeba HipHop duo, Blayden, have topped the Spotify download charts with their tribute to John Mayer and Liverpool FC.

The song, JayMay JayMay JayMay, samples the Anfield Choir in full voice and features some freestyle rapping from DJ Durridge (aka Daniel Sturridge).

Band members Brayden Ross (left above), and Blaide Brent (right), are reportedly huge fans of Mayer and wanted to encapsulate their fandom in an homage to the great man.

Blayden’s agent, Peter Fritz, has denied rumours that the band is being sued for breach of copyright by Italian songwriters Stefano Rota and Stefano Righi.

“The Mareeba boys have come up with a unique track, ” claimed Fritz. “I really don’t understand those Italian lyrics but they have nothing to do with the effortless romantic stylings of a blues guitar legend.”

Blayden will be playing the Railway Hotel on Friday at 7pm with special guests, the Alex Papps Four. Tickets are available at the door.

The lyrics to the controversial track are reproduced below:

JayMay JayMay JayMay (Lyrics: Brayden Ross)

 Jennifer and Taylor,
 He's never gonna stop
 From Paris down to Katy
 He's fucked the fucking lot
 Nora Reena Minka 
 Jessica and Kim
 The boys all want to be John 
 The women to fuck him
 JayMay JayMay JayMay 
 JayMay JayMay JayMay
 JayMay JayMay JayMay 
 JayMay JayMay JayMay 

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