Christians lash out at SBS

By Murray Murchison

The Cairns Christian Coalition have spoken out against SBS television over their controversial drama series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, claiming that it is an offensive and unrepresentative take on theocratic society.

Spokesperson for the CCC Michelle Mulgrave (above), was scathing in her criticism of the program, and the role of SBS’s in broadcasting it.

“Clearly Atwood has read the Bible far too literally,” explained Mulgrave. “I mean, the Good Book is the inerrant word of God but our Lord wants us to use a little latitude in its interpretation. The passages that appear to be advocating slavery, rape and other unkindnesses are merely lessons in faith. SBS is being extremely irresponsibly by airing such guff. Max Minghella is quite lovely though.”

Spokeswoman for the Women’s Choice Alliance, Imogen Foster-Black, was approached for comment about the program.

“Big fan,” she said from her offices in Shields Street. “Such a great message to society. Without strong women we’re all fucked in strange ways. Serena Joy is my fave. So calmly powerful in the face of getting whipped and humiliated. I’m predicting Commander Waterford will get his dick bitten off. Classic Atwood.”

SBS were approached for comment but declined to respond, despite being the host broadcaster for next week’s Christians v Atheists touch football match. The annual event, held in a shirts-versus-skins format, will be held at Barlow Park on Friday. Tickets available at the gate.

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