Nail clipping to be allowed on Air Macau

By Heather Luck

Air Macau has clarified their in-flight hygiene policy and announced that all passengers would be allowed to clip their nails on international flights. This was in response to the uproar that arose after a man (above) was spotted committing manicure on a flight from Macau to Mareeba.

Passenger Margaret Thorogood photographed the male passenger as he clipped his nails onto a black carry-all, and then swept the trimmings onto the carpet below. Mrs Thorogood noted that the seat-belt signs were illuminated at the time of the alleged trimming and alleges that there would have been serious safety concerns had she needed to evacuate the aircraft.

As part of their announcement today, Air Macau confirmed that nail clipping would henceforth be allowed only when the seat-belt sign is off. Clipping equipment would be subject to standard security screening protocols. An in-flight finger clipping service would be provided by cabin-crew at a cost of 50 Pataca (and accruing one mile for Club Phoenix members) per digit. Outside meal service times, pedicures will also be available, subject to prevailing callusing and plantar hyperhidrosis.

Air Macau is not the only international carrier facing scrutiny in the Far North. Peach Air has been under fire on social media recently, accused of allowing children to use a potty in the centre-aisle during a flight from Busan to Atherton. The airline has declined to comment on the accusations.

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