A conversation with Jungkook

Part of the Conversations series, with Shirley Higgins-Croft.

Jeon Jung-kook, better known as Jungkook, is a singer, dancer, model and entrepreneur, and is the third most popular member of K-Pop super-group BTS. As part of contractual obligations for the upcoming tour of North Queensland and Australia, the Bangtan boy agreed to sit down with me in Manila for an intimate conversation. With his manager, Seijin by his side, he turned out to be, to paraphrase his own description of himself “a hero who can lend a shoulder to lean on, even without speaking a single word.”

SHC: Well, Jungkook. It is such an honour to enjoy a burger with you here at Jolibees.

JJK: Very nice. Sweet Palabok burgers are good for eating.

SHC: Ah, yes. So you are very popular in North Queensland. What can the fans expect from your tour?

JJK: No Jolibee in Queensland. Sweet burger, no time for, but good show.

SHC: Right-o. That sounds like something to look really look forward to. What do you expect to find when you visit.

JJK: Many love and make memory. And crocodile. Enjoy sweet Jack Russell. Special with girls on right side. Blossoming.

SHC: Wow, you’ve got big plans. There have been rumours that you might have some special guests dropping in. Any chance we might see Steve Aoki?

JJK: Aoki very clumsy. And much cake for dancing. The night is too short.

SHC: That’s a shame. What about CL? She is very popular down under.

JJK: Korean girl has style like moon. Reflective and with some footprints. The talent of CL is in a big ellipse around my world.

SHC: OK. So, CL isn’t confirmed. There’ll be a few disappointed fans there.

JJK: Yes. Everyone sad like light rain.

SHC: So, K-Pop is drawn from a range of different musical forms, but remains unique. Who are your influences?

JJK: The songbirds whistle to me as my sleep. I wake with inspiration. Also, Dave Dobbyn.

SHC: You recently accidentally caused a shortage of a popular fabric softener. Does having this kind of power worry you at all? It must be a tremendous responsibility.

JJK: No. Good for soft comfortable.

SHC: Yes, I love it too. Well. I see your manager signalling that our time is up. Thank you for a great chat. Is there any last thing you want to say to your fans?

JJK: The galaxies are waiting for your special moment, after now and forever. 사랑해. 세진 족장 님,이 여자는 저에게 버거 값을 빚지고 있습니다

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