Man dies on Earl Hill

By Murray Murchison.

A man has been found dead on the northern side of Earl Hill (above), just metres away from the affluent Tari Place precinct of Trinity Beach.

Senior Sergeant Benedict Griffin of the Smithfield Branch fronted a press conference at the Bangkok Rose restaurant on Trinity Beach Road this evening and announced that a male IC1 wearing a singlet, thongs and orange boardshorts had been found by hikers just after 10am this morning. Two golf clubs were found in nearby trees.

It appears that the man died sometime overnight, and police are not ruling out foul play.

“Our working theory is that the gentleman has walked up to the summit, for the purposes of practicing his short game”, said Senior Sergeant Griffin. “He then suffered a some kind of malfeasance which may or may not involve the actions of one or more miscreants. He may also have had a case of the yips. We’re awaiting the autopsy report and drug screen, and we’ll be cracking open his phone to see if we can find any clues inside.”

Police have described the man as around 20 years of age, jowly, tatted, mulleted, fairly ugly with and exhibiting a terrified expression. If anyone knows of a missing man that fits such a description, they should contact Crimestoppers.

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