Kunming Three remain in custody

By Allan Povah in Sanya.

Since the arrest of Lee, Radnor and Shannon Noll by Chinese authorities, there has been an uproar among music lovers demanding an immediate release of some rocking jailhouse music from the Kunming Three, along the lines of Catch my diesease and What about me?

The Spice Girls (above) have re-formed for a one-off charity concert in Vientiane, and have offered sexual services for the release of Lee and Radnor. No offer was made for Shannon Noll, but it is understood that negotiations are ongoing.

Despite all efforts, the jailhouse music has not been forthcoming, and humanitarian organizations, such as Red Cross have become very concerned about the welfare of three such pandered and entitled numpties on the mean streets of a Chinese concentration camp.

When details began to leak of their ordeal, through a Taiwanese blogger, Mòhēi, who was incarcerated due to having a tattoo, there was an outpouring of support for the Kunming Three. Gamble Everything for Love and Ba ba bah di dah di dah di dah (the theme song for How I Met Your Mother) have both re-entered the Billboard Hot 100.

Mòhēi has blogged that the prisoners are on a strict diet of rice, kungpao chicken and Mountain Dew, and that only dial-up 3G internet is available.

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