Radnor and Lee released from Chinese prison

By Allan Povah.

There were outpourings of emotion around the world as musician Ben Lee and actor-musician Josh Radnor were this morning released from a Chinese prison in Kunming and flown aboard a Peoples Liberation Army Shaanxi Y-8 to Singapore.

Chinese authorities have finally bowed to the strong opprobrium they have received from world leaders, religious icons and Spice Girls. Admiral in the Chinese navy, Chen Liu Shang Jiang, released a short written statement indicating that Radnor and Lee had served their time and that negotiations had been fruitful. His full statement is reproduced below.

Lee和Radnor是恐怖的摇滚投掷者。 但是婴儿香料会让我性感。 也许是打击工作。 富有成效的谈判。

As the news of the release broke, enormous crowds gathered in Istanbul, Reykjavik and Tuvalu and broke into joyous, unrehearsed mutilations of Cigarettes will kill you. The state-run television network of Venezuela, which had been broadcasting non-stop re-runs of Not Another Teen Movie, finally aired the final episode of How I Met Your Mother after years of censoring it from the populace. As a result, Last Forever: Part 2 plummeted to a 5.5 out of 10 rating on IMDB.

But nowhere was there more jubilation than in the cells of the prison from which they have been extricated. Taiwanese blogger Mòhēi, who remains incarcerated in Kunming, described the scenes of utter joy as Radnor and Lee were led out of the prison block. His tribute to them is shown below.

每个人都讨厌他们。 他们不停地唱歌,拉大便到他们的小便桶里,让每个人都醒着。 有一个计划要杀死他们,然后将吉他插入肛门。 谢谢他妈的他们走了。

Shannon Noll remains in custody with no likelihood of release.

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