Rap battle erupts on the Tablelands

By Paolo Zupp.

DJ Momo of the Walkamin Cru (above) has laid down a challenge to his arch-rapper, TopiKufi of the Tolga Massif, to position his rhymes where his bottom doesn’t defecate.

Many rap aficionados would claim that the golden era of Tablelands hiphop is long gone, having died in 2004 with the murder of iconic rhymer 300SunnyDays on the steps of the Mareeba town hall during the Ramadan Raps festival. However this new rivalry has stirred up memories of a glorious past and ignited hopes for a bright future in the art form.

DJ Momo was filmed freestyling outside the Superstar Cafe in Atherton. The poetry (below) was clearly aimed at his arch-rival.

He a fatty. 
He no mossie
He stink just like an Aussie
He Taqiyya
He drink beer
He mug look like a pussy  
He a fuckwit
He a short dick
He rhyme be in he khazi
He booby be bigga than he missus
My ass be what he kisses
Come on out you beardy big tit
Yo put yo rhyme where yo ass don't shit

TopiKufi was contacted for comment on this story but was unavailable due to a Home and Away commitment.

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