Chinese flying nuns float onto our screens

By Kimberley Schloss.

Popular Chinese drama, Kōngjiàng zōngjiào nǚshì tuánduì, is coming to SBS Viceland. Set on on the mean streets of Nanjing during the 1930s, the show follows the exploits of three young novitiates as they fly around solving mysteries, matchmaking, and generally abetting the rising tide of communism. It is loosely based on the the 1960s documentary series The Flying Nun, starring Sally Field as Sister Bertrille,

The show has made superstars of the three young actors in the leading roles. Yan Yeung, who plays Mèimei (centre above) is a brand ambassador for Weibo, has a modelling contract with Ivanka Trump couture and has been awarded a star on the Tiān’ānmén Walk of Fame.

Yeung is also considered a possible candidate for the position of General Secretary of the Chinese Communist party should Xi Jinping be assassinated.

The show also features Jackie Chan as Qióngsī and Cameron Daddo as Shǎguā. It screens on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm or can be streamed on SBS Now (Internet charges may apply – check with your provider).

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