Mexican Servo opens in Baja Roca Blanca

By Allan Povah.

A new Pemex service station located on the Bruce Highway at Baja Roca Blanca (formerly White Rock) has opened its bowsers.

The outlet is owned and supplied by Mexican conglomerate Petróleos Mexicanos, and features a full service experience provided by a Mexican gasoline deployment technicians (above).

It is expected that the sizeable Mexican community living on the south-side of Cairns will flock to the servo and that other outlets will suffer as a result.

Richard Volks, manager of the nearby United Petroleum station is sanguine about the competition. “Look, I like a quetza as much as the next gringo. And my kids love their sombreros. We welcome these lubricanos to our country and wish them the best of luck. Ole!”

Pemex have provided us with a quick reference card to assist non-Spanish speakers to order their petrol and other services. They are providing free engine fluid checks for all purchases over 500 pesos until the end of the month.

Fill her up!Llenarla!
Please wash my windscreenPor favor limpia mi parabrisas
Please blow up my tyresPor favor explota mis llantas
Please hurryDate prisa estúpido idiota
Your assistance is excellentTu trasero es magnífico
Do you have a daughter?¿Tienes una hija?
Where can I find the hookers?¿Dónde puedo encontrar a las putas?

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