TopiKufi blasts DJ MoMo

By Paolo Zupp.

Rapper TopiKufi (above) of the Tolga Massif has finally responded to the challenges laid out by DJ MoMo of the Walkamin Cru.

Rarely seen in public, TopKufi, climbed aloft the Mareeba Town Hall and thrilled the lunchtime crowd with impassioned versions of his hits, including Fuck da Cowboys Yo, and Jizz on Jizya Yo.

The performance culminated in Police put Topi in headlock and drag Topi off the roof and kick the shit out of Topi. But first, TopiKufi debuted a new rap, aimed squarely at DJ MoMo. It was an instant classic in the forking-stream-of-consciousness-repetitive-almost-rhyme style that makes the Tolga Massif such a unique influence in the idiom.

The Plain Dealer obtained a copy of the lyrics in the yellow wheelie bin behind the Town Hall. They are reproduced below with permission from Straggly Publishing and the city council.

Well fuck you Mr Mo Mo Mo you ho you bad rhymer can's suck on chocolate bro when you got pubic hair old timer on yo chin chin fucker oh man what web weaving you bin fucking thieving and reaving for a fucking up my bro bro on the land of table I lay you out in flour and oil you with wasabi into some deep fry wahabbi yum yum the cru gonna cum cum in their thawb fun fun for the massif we daub you in blue dum dum so take yo bunny rhyme and boil it so it your girlfriend creams yo rear-end as she fuck you up your s-bend. Fucking yo.

DJ MoMo was contacted for comment on this story but was on the nest.

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