November 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Any Asian woman in Cooktown or Cow Bay areas. Wanna talk about conceptual art and shrieking? I’ll be playing gigs up there this weekend and would be keen to meet up. Or you can hang around and annoy the boys and we can go for cake. Contact me @winston Wanted Experienced hardwareContinue reading “November 2018 Classifieds”

Truth Day a huge success

By Murray Murchison. Troubled by the preponderance of falsity and gaslighting in the world, the editorial team at the Plain Dealer have approached high profile figures from government, industry and sports to eat a little humble pie and shine some sunlight onto their dirty laundry. And so the inaugural Plain Dealer Truth Day was conceivedContinue reading “Truth Day a huge success”

Tribute band plays Dimbulah

By Destiny Givens. Oasis tribute band The Beatles (above) rocked the Dimbulah Thunderdome last night in front of a capacity crowd of over 38 fans. The Liverpool boys have been working their way around North Queensland, delighting fans with their note-perfect renditions of songs like Champagne Supernova and Bonehead’s Bank Holiday. “We love playing theContinue reading “Tribute band plays Dimbulah”

Dr Pan questions Essence of Argan

By Kimberley Schloss. Leading dermatologist, Dr Ivy Pan, (above) has raised concerns about the recent positive publicity surrounding the skin product Essence of Argan. The popular product has recently been named on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural assets. Dr Pan is doubtful over the claims made by brand ambassador Kylie Gillies that the useContinue reading “Dr Pan questions Essence of Argan”

Authorities seek ‘inveterate shitter’

By Heather Luck. The Department of Dog Catching and Cat Herding (DDCCH) has appealed to the public to help them find and arrest a criminal canine who is the main suspect in a slew of shitting offences. Commissioner of the DDCCH, Desmond Bowe, has said that the department is pursuing the animal with “overwhelming prejudice”Continue reading “Authorities seek ‘inveterate shitter’”

Essence of Argan added to UNESCO heritage list

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Essence of Argan beauty treatment has today been added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The UNESCO list aims to preserve cultural expressions and customs that may be less than tangible or even somewhat ridiculous. Other traditions added today include the annual Jalisco pilgrimage in Mexico, the reggae musicContinue reading “Essence of Argan added to UNESCO heritage list”

Drone-buster comes to BCF

By Paolo Zupp. The long awaited Drone-Buster 3000, manufactured by Sanction Technologies in Manunda, is now available at BCF stores in the region, from a starting price of $3,100 + GST. The DB3000 is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intercept Unit (UAVIU) that is available in air-to-air, and ground-to-air models. The more advanced Seek-And-Destroy model, whichContinue reading “Drone-buster comes to BCF”

Chambray is back baby!

By Heather Luck. It is the iconic cambric. It is the tactile textile. Not passe, you say? The mainstay for a coooool hombre? Hooray! I daresay it is chambray. As the men’s fashion idiom was dominated by stripes in the nineties, spots in the noughties and flowers in the teenies, plain colours are expected toContinue reading “Chambray is back baby!”