Tribute band plays Dimbulah

By Destiny Givens.

Oasis tribute band The Beatles (above) rocked the Dimbulah Thunderdome last night in front of a capacity crowd of over 38 fans.

The Liverpool boys have been working their way around North Queensland, delighting fans with their note-perfect renditions of songs like Champagne Supernova and Bonehead’s Bank Holiday.

“We love playing the classics,” gushed lead-singer John Winston Lennon. “Oasis is the greatest band ever, and so original. I don’t know how they do it.”

Lennon, along with bass player, James Paul McCartney, has been working on some original songs that they hope to record.

“It’s not that we’re tired of playing the Gallagher stuff,” explained McCartney. “But we’d really like to break out and put something original out there.”

The band played their new song, Love Me Do to the Dimbulah fans and were pleased with the response. “At least they didn’t chuck gumboots at us like they did in Tully,” said Lennon.

The Beatles travel to Mt Carbine and Cooktown before playing a sold-out show in Cow Bay next weekend. Tickets are available at the venue.

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