Tenco wins sanitation contract

By Murray Murchison

In a press release today, the Cairns Regional Council announced that it has awarded the lucrative chambers re-sanitation contract to Taiwanese chaebol, Tenco.

This has been received as a controversial decision as, historically, the council has exclusively used suppliers from Japan – generally regarded as the industry leader in faecal collection systems and caudal cleanliness.

In the last ten years, the Tōyō Tōki Tōure 3000 model (hush-fitted) has been installed in around 200 bathrooms in the region.

Despite this popularity, some porcelain-ware industry leaders have claimed that the developers of the TTT3000 are resting on their laurels and have fallen behind their competitors in the delivery of functionality and aesthetics.

Council insiders have reported that the change of supplier has largely been driven by the almost maniacal devotion of Councillor Bob Manning to the Taiwanese technology and its wide range of features and modes (above).

Cr Manning is currently in Kaohsiung on a trade mission and was unavailable for comment. His twitter history shows him to be a strong advocate of the Tenco 粪便观察者 4000, describing, in 2015, it’s lady-cleaning function as ” a triumph for equal rights in the smallest room. About time.”

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