Rihanna takes out portrait competition

By Murray Murchison.

The winner of the prestigious annual Plain Dealer portrait competition, which required budding artists to produce an artistic impression of celebrity singer Guy Sebastian, has been announced. The winner is Miss Rihanna Zieger, 7, of Holloways Beach who painted Guy the fuzzy guy (above – crayon on canvas).

The judging panel were impressed with the sheer ambition of the piece, and were particularly taken with the “dihedral of neckerchief which served to reflect and highlight the triangularity of the Sebastian nose”. The overall likeness was described by judges as “stunning”.

Second place went to Master Salvadore Binskin , 4, of Port Douglas, who produced My Idol (below – finger-paint on butcher’s paper). The judges were warm in their praise of the use of skin tone to create a “bold luminescence” but felt that the representation of the nasal area could have “benefiitted from a neckerchief”. They described the fuzz as “disappointing, but praiseworthy”.

An honorable mention was awarded to Miss Margot Smyth-Pennington, 8, of Edge Hill, who painted Sebastian in brown leather with hood (below – pastel on canvas). The judges described Margot’s work as “cheeky and unkempt, with enviable brow curvature” but also that the inclusion of a hood led to “an unforgivable loss of opportunity”.

For her efforts, Rihanna wins a jar of salsa, a hymn book and a fishing rod. In her short acceptance piece, she thanked the sponsors, her parents and Shannon Noll. She plans to swap the fishing rod for set of unicorn earphones. Her intentions regarding the salsa and hymn book are not known.

The TBPD has final say on the winners. To have you artwork returned, please send $100 and return postage to Trinity Beach Plain Dealer, Vasey Esplanade Trinity Beach. Note that not all entries are available for return because some have been burned. Ashes will not be returned.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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